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    Sorting problem with Combobox in Datagrid.


      I have created the Datagrid with one columns contain the combox. Datagrid contain Scroll bar.

      Problem one..

      1. If I change the combo box values and move(up/down) the scroll bar, the combo box valures reset to previous vlaues automatically.

      2. To solve the above problem I have override the "set data" method.

      3. The prevous problem has gone. But I am facing the another problem.


      Problem two..

      1. I have clicked on the first column header for sorting (Mostly values are same in this column).

      2. If I change the any combo box value, the datagrid rows will be rearranged. But the mostly values are same in the first columns, still it's maintaing the sorting. But it's diplaying the order, which is displayed previously. 


      If i change the combo box, it should not rearrange the rows. Is there any solution for this?


      Thanks in Advance.