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    Santanu Karar Level 1

      The problem:

      Multiple modular projects using same custom SWC file. One shell project which loads those modular projects' SWF files through SWFLoader component. The loading sizes for each modular SWFs are high.


      The expected solution:

      Need to approach the whole thing as a shared library concept. Wants to load the SWC file into the shell project which will eventually be shared with other modular SWFs files, rather than compile the SWC file individually with each of the modular SWFs.


      I've tried RSL approach on these. But after some few steps I got confused with the actual proceedings. The Adobe LiveDoc on the RSL processes are descriptive, but not welly formated with steps on how to complete the task.


      Is there any probable tutorials/articles where these steps defined well..? You can think me as a novice for the prospect.



      Thank you!