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    ICE discontinued

    IronADDT Level 1

      After ADDT now it's time of ICE discontinued:



      But  is possibile to work with Adobe?


      Adobe tell me in  october 2008, ADDT is discontinued and now we have ICE for static  website, it's free and it's the future...


      Adobe tell  me in april 2010, ICE is discontinued and now we have Business Catalyst,  it's a hosting service and it's a payment service ($600+ annual) but  it's the future...



      I'm very confused...

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          This is news to me, but I can't say I'm really surprised. InContext Editing was a nice idea, but it had considerable downsides, the most important one being that users were overwriting the page on the server. As soon as you let someone do that, there's a danger that the design will be corrupted, leaving the developer to clean up the mess. And there have been cases where developers have wiped out all the user's updates.


          In business, ideas are constantly being tried. Some turn into winners. Others get ditched because they don't fulfil their original promise. It's a pity that you seem to have pinned your hopes on two ideas that have now fallen by the wayside, but I'm afraid that's one of life's hard lessons. I have seen demonstrations of Business Catalyst, and it's very impressive. Whether it's the right solution for everybody is a different matter. My description of Business Catalyst would be that it's like Drupal on steroids.


          As for InContext Editing being free, it was always intended to make it a paid-for service. It was only free during the preview period. Now it seems as though the preview is all there will ever be.

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            i would like to unsubscibe please

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Definitely no surprise to me, David.


              ICE was a great idea but about 3-5 years too late.

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                Adobe, you still have a good partner, you promised us an ICE functionality for 10 sites for $ 80 per year .... None of these earlier promises, but my clients are now $ 40 per month to pay for a CMS ... You understand that they do besides their normal hosting costs will not do .... You announce now that CS-LIVE will ever be paid, have no problem with that but then some now know that this service remains affordable .... or is this too as with ice ....

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                  Zabeth69 Level 5

                  To put it a bit straighter: Business Catalyst is a hosted AND a hosting service. You must host the site on Business Catalyst in order to get InContext Editing. If you want more than the minimum (ICE), it will cost $39/month for hosting and a "Full Solution" of tools and capabilities. If you only want InContextEditing, it will be much less. It is still a hosted/hosting solution, and I believe you may still need (as a developer) to be a Partner in BC, which is not inconsequential, but that is a one-time fee.


                  I don't believe the service allows PHP, either, if that's a concern.


                  But the full solution includes client databases, ecommerce, forums, blogs, forms, and more, integrated and ready to use/adapt. I'm in the process of learning the ins and outs now, and have FTP'd one of my current client sites. Looks just like it does on an "outside" server. I will need to go in and adapt some things (I did not build the site in Business Catalyst, though I may build the replacement site there).


                  To reiterate, the $39 a month is not in addition to your client's hosting fees, it IS your client's hosting fee.