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    Creat a website in catalyst


      Forgive my ignorance.  Iam running  a completly flash based website. I am not a programmer and getting it to work was kind of hard. With Flash Catalyst can I create a fully functional website, that doesnt require additional programming?  i dont need much interactivity its a very simple site to display images. Can catalyst create an action which dynamically  loads images from outside the .swf file on the press of the button, so that I can keep the .swf very small? Thanks!

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          acath Level 4

          1) Yes, Flash Catalyst allows you to build basic interactivity (e.g. navigating through images) without writing any code.


          2) Yes, you can choose whether images are embedded in your SWF or loaded dynamically. This feature is not available in the beta version, but it is in CS5, which shipped today ( http://www.adobe.com/products/flashcatalyst/ ). Simply right-click an image and chose "Externalize Image".



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            hsdufhsjkdf Level 1

            Thank you, that sounds very good. Two more question:

            (1) can catalyst create an image gallery on a single page, or do I need to set up an individual page for each image and navigate through the pages to switch  from one image to the next.

            (2) can I edit a catalyst project in Flash CS4?



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              acath Level 4

              Hi hsdufhsjkdf,


              1) You have three options:



              •   Make each image its own state (aka page)


              •   Create a custom component where each image has its own state


              •   Use a Data List component and use a scrollbar to scroll through the images


              2) No, a Catalyst project becomes a Flex project, which you can open in Flash Builder, but not Flash Pro. However, you can embed an FC project in a Flash Pro project or vice versa.



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                Hi, Adam!


                I'm making a website to (acually i made it already), but i have a problem. I need Catalyst NOT TO make lots of assets when i publish my project. I need a single SWF file that wiil contain all assets and other things in it? can i make it somehow? Cause i wanna load whole website at once with custom preloader. TY!