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    Help with Template and page title

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      Sill having an issue, even after Murrays advice- see below.


      The child page titles keep disappearting upon 'save' - http://www.jhiggsaa.com/emailus.htm


      MURRAY'S ADVICE -----


      This is the sign of an improperly made template.

      Do this -

      Create a new page (Basic HTML).
      Use FILE | Save as Template....
      Look at the code in the head region of the page, particularly the editable
      region around the <title> tag, and the other editable region in the head
      called "head".
      Make your template file look like that.

      Always use FILE | Save as Template when you create your templates and you
      won't have this problem again.

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          well Murrays advice works in most cases. In your case you should talk with the p7tbm-people, from which the template comes.


          If you would like to use brute force:

          Copy the source code into a word processing program.

          Delete these characters : <! - And ->. (But beware, be careful cause some of them you will still need.