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    Adding a ASP Search to a Dreamweaver Site

    ToledoWriter Level 1

      I have just created a basic HTML website using Dreamweaver CS3. It is just a series of link pages with various documents on each page. I used a vertical Spry navigation menu. This is an intranet site for the company I work for and as such will reside on an internal server. So far so good.


      The problem I have is this - my client wants to add a search box so that folks can search the site. Someone suggested I use an ASP search from a website called SimonGibson.com. Since it was only $25 I took a chance and downloaded it. Of course, I probably should have thought it out a bit more, because I don't even know if this will work on a static site. The dowload includes a default.asp file, a form.html file, and a css file. Would I simply need to put these files in my root folder?


      Has anyone else tried this or do you know if it is possible to have a search component? Is there a better way to do it?


      I am new to this so I appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks!


      Mary (In Need of Dreamweaver for Dummies)