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    Bug: RichTextEditor "Initialize" not classed as event handler

    RandomReado Level 1

      I'm trying to load the RichTextEditor control in a popup window. Here's my code:


      var rte:RichTextEditor = new RichTextEditor();
      rte.width   =  600;
      rte.height  =  500;
      rte.title   =  'Edit Text';


      I need to add the initialize event handler so I can add a button to the toolbar (as per the example on the Adobe website).


      However, when I type:


      rte.initialize  =  "addSaveButton()";


      Flash Builder says this is invalid as "initialize" is actually a function and doesn't accept any parameters.


      Compare this with:


      <mx:RichTextEditor initialize="addSaveButton()"/>


      Flash Builder recongises "initialize" as an event handler and therefore accepts the addSaveButton() function.


      Can anyone else confirm whether this is a bug with the SDK or not? I can simply add the button outside of the RTE for now, but then I'd have to wrap the RTE in a separate panel to accomodate the button, which isn't ideal.


      Thanks in advance.