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    No color bars


      Using PPro Ver 4.2 CS4 on HP xw8400 with an Matrox Axio LE


      Today I went to add color bars in my sequence like I've been able to do on many projects and I get black. The color bars match the sequence properties for frame size (1280 x 720) and the audio tone plays. If I make the bars 720 x 480 and drop them into the 1280 x 720 sequence they show up. If I take the same 1280x720 bars and scale them, I can see the color bars as I scale but they go black as soon as I try to play them. If I put the 720x480 bars on a layer above the 1280 x 720 bars, both sets of bars show up. Also there are no other video layers above the bars.


      How do I get back to the simple task of putting bars & tone in a sequence?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If I add new item/Bars and Tone and select the correct sequence properties (which by default match my sequence properties) I have no problems whatsoever.

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            charles756 Level 1

            I'm glad that works for you. However, your reply does not help me solve my problem.

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              charles756 Level 1

              As a work around I took the Premiere generated bars, loaded them into the source monitor (which loads up as black). Exported a frame as a TIFF file and reimported. I unlinked the bars & tone in the timeline. Replaced the video bars with my TIFF file import. The bars playout like normal now. I have put the exported bars TIFF in my export folder on the hard drive and will use this method until this issue is resolved.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                I don't know on what hardware (XW8400 comes in many flavors) under what OS with what sequence settings under what version (4.2.0 or 4.2.1). I can only tell you it works here, under different sequence settings. However Matrox always makes me suspicious.


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                  charles756 Level 1

                  I totally agree with you about Matrox. I have a work around so I'm cool. I just want to

                  get my work done.

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                    digitlman Level 1

                    Yes it has been a problem for axio systems for awhile now and matrox is aware of it. We have 8 axio le systems and will load the same project on different machines and some will show bars and some wont. never really ironed out why, its completely random, some projects work and some dont. we rendered out an avi of bars and tone that we use. we have also run into a similar problem with the generated "black video" which will show up as color bars sometimes. we try to just create a black color matte for that instead.  these issues have been addressed on the matrox forums.