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    Adobe Illustrator Line Effect Question


      Hello, all...


      I have a question about something that's been bugging me for some time about Adobe Illustrator.  Is there a way to re-path an object that has had a Warp Effect assigned to it?  As the objects I've been working with are somewhat complex, I will provide a simple example:



      The first section is a simple line.


      The second section is a Warp effect applied to the line.  The visible line changes in the preview mode, but the original line segment is still straight.


      The third section is the situation I would like to be in, where the line has had the warp effect physically applied to it so that the bezier curve is now present and adjustable.  It's not a terribly problematic thing, more of an inconvenience, as I have to eyeball any additional shape changes that I would need to make to the object any time in the future.  I guess I would like to re-path the object to its new baseline so I can see what additional changes I need to make in a more convenient fashion.


      Hopefully my ramblings made some sort of sense.  Any assistance appreciated from the local Illustrator gurus.  Thanks in advance!