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    Having Trouble Using This Programme


      I have had Premiere 8 almost 2 months now and have never been able to use it and just give up in desperation.


      I have seen a few demo videos on very basics on how to use it and purchased it because it was supposed to be easy to use.


      I am running xp with 3gb's of ram and a 2/3's empty hard drive.


      I can never cut the video between my menu markers every time i do this it cuts elsewhere usually outside my menu markers.


      When i stretch my timeline to make things easier to see exactly where to place my markers i can not view my video because it is way behind my audio files and jumping all over the place.


      This really is a desperation posting as i am at the end of my patience with something which appears to be extremely complecated and obviously will not work properly, so can you tell me please is my PC underpowered or something?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Sorry that you are having issues.


          Those are most likely due to the material that you are working with, and also likely due to the Project Preset, chosen when you choose New Project.


          This ARTICLE will give you tips on the types of info that we will need to help.


          Also, I highly recommend Steve Grisetti's PrE Boot Camp, his various articles and his books, all available on Muvipix.com. He steps one though all of the processes of creating a Project, Importing/Capturing the source footage, editing it, adding Effects, Titles and Transitions, and then Exporting/Sharing to various formats.


          Good luck, and we'll be looking for the information, to get you started.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            First, go to your Help menu and Check for Updates to ensure you have the version 8 patch.


            If that doesn't solve it, your most likely issue is either with the format of video you are trying to edit or the power of your computer.


            What type of camcorder is your video coming from?


            And how fast is your computer's processor? (Most people successfully editing AVCHD, for instance, have at least quad core processors.)

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              vidrookie999 Level 1

              Hi Bill


              Before i look at the links, can you please explain on what you mean by the material i am working with?......I am recording using a Canon HFS10 high definition camera set on max quality and i set my project to suit this and the area (Europe) setting.


              Steve i will check on patch now.....my PC is a ....2.33GHz ...core(TM) 2 duo    and 3gig of ram on XP......is this not enough??


              Checked Adobe updates and none availiable for all Adobe programmes so all upto date.

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                vidrookie999 Level 1

                PC set Up is.


                Intel core(TM) 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz  and 3 GBs of Ram on a Ge-force 8500GT vid card....Audio is Creative Sound Blaster XFI

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Looking at the CNet review of the Canon HFS10, it appears to shoot in AVCHD, which will be almost impossible to edit/playback with a Core2 Duo. Most users find that a fast Quad-core is the absolute minimum requirement for the CPU, and many feel that a fast i7 is the minimum. AVCHD footage is highly compressed and working with it is extremely CPU intensive.


                  Are you choosing an AVCHD Project Preset?


                  Good luck,




                  PS - between you and me, I feel that too many camera mfgrs., who produce AVCHD cameras, need to tell consumers that they will very likely need to upgrade their computers and in a big way, just to simply edit that material. Obviously, the salesmen are standing in wait, for when the customer returns to buy a new computer for their new camera.

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                    vidrookie999 Level 1

                    Thanks Bill that does kind of slot in with what i thought must be wrong somewhere, i thought it must be the PC malfunctioning but didnt realise so seriously underpowered.


                    Cant blame on salesmen as i chose it myself.


                    Even if i have recorded in highest quality can i process it as a lesser quality setting or will this not make any difference to my power problem?

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      There are two possibilities:


                      Proxy editing, as outlined HERE


                      and then converting to HDV.


                      I have done neither, as I do not shoot AVCHD, but others have and can likely help you with either the Proxy, or the conversion.


                      Good luck,