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    Using RadioButtons as custom itemRenderer in Flex 4?


      Could anybody please give me some guide as to how I can use RadioButtons/RadioButtonGroup in a custom ItemRenderer?


      I have a whole bunch of choices (say, "Age 10-20", "Age 21-30", "Age 31-40", etc.) that I want to use as a DataProvider to generate a list of RadioButtons in the UI. I cann't figure it out how to get it done in Flex 4. The code below gets compiled without errors but doesn't display anything either:


              <s:RadioButtonGroup id="group1" change="group1_changeHandler(event)"/>


      <!--inside a custom component which is a child of s:VGroup-->

          <s:DataGroup dataProvider="{listDataProvider}">
                          <s:RadioButton label="data.@value" groupName="group1"/>


      Thanks much.