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    How to transfer .swf published to website?

    DareCinema Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am a designer with zero code knowledge or experience. I have CS 4 Master Collection right now and am anxiously awaiting the CS 5 to start shipping. However I am evaluating as to whether I should jump ahead and buy flash catalyst now. This is largely predicated on whether or not I can start creating simple web-sites using FC simply and easily.


      Please don't laugh too hard at my ignorance here:


      I have created a simple interactive website in FC and published to .swf and end up with a folder that has deploy-to-web.


      I just purchased a sample domain on godaddy for hosting. I know how to upload files. But I don't know how to take my .swf deploy-to-web and turn that into a working website.


      Anyone care to help a newbie out?