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    AS–ColdFusion confusion

    cheftimo Level 2

      FB4, so far, so good. I like the new easy features for styling and skinning without having to sign up for a course at NASA. But I am still a little lost with the new ways of connecting Flex to back-end services, so this might be a dumb question:


      In FB2 and 3, we had the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder which included wizards that were very handy for mapping an AS value object to a CFC and vice-versa. That feature is now missing in the new ColdFusion Builder.


      Maybe this new way of connecting to data using only the FB4 Design View is so simple I am not getting it. I don’t even recall seeing the term “value object” in any of the tutorials I have gone through. Are value objects now going out of style or something?


      I would appreciate someone providing some enlightenment.