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    spry menu bar


      1) Does anybody know why every time I try to create a new horizontal menu drop down bar it retains the same formatting used in a previous menu bar?


      It retains same color, width etc...


      I've created new pages, sites and it still retains the previous formatting. I can't get the basic gray menu and build from there.


      It's like it is locked into DW memory.


      I run a Mac with snow leopard and all the updates including java are current.


      It's driving me insane!


      2) Is there a cheat sheet out there which explains what all the ul. tags mean?


      I've been trying to learn how to manipulate the menu bar and not having much luck! Can't find what each ul. tag means. At best, I can only find what a few mean. I've looked at videos, books, Adobe, online videos and just can't get to the bottom of it!


      I've spent hours trying to manipulate it and not having much luck with formatting it to my liking!


      I wouldn't dare to even try to upload a site with a spry menu bar. Seems like there has to be an easy way to create one and customize it!


      I'm sure for most of you it is easy, but for me, it is driving me nuts!


      I would appreciate any insight into this spry menu bar issue of mine.


      Go easy on me. I am new to this beast!


      Thank you in advance for your help!