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    cs3 export for mpeg2-dvd settings -happy as a clam-

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      Im using CS3...


      I want to export from CS3 to mpeg2-dvd preset ( ntsc high quality, which is set to 4 out of 5 on the quality slider setting )


      My footage is 720x480i 29.97, 16:9


      The dvd will be watched on computer and Digital TV ... so I'm thinking I will convert to progressive.


      My bitrates in the preset are:

      min: 1.5

      avg: 4

      max: 7


      gop m frames 3

      n frames 15


      The file size exported is 1.4 gig.   It looks OK but not great compared to timeline playback.  I've been looking at my notes ---about making exports----but I am so happy ( happy as a clam ! ) ...that I even managed to get a 51 minute story out of this source material ( walking and walking and walking , long story..., not to mention probs with the continuity ).... as I was saying, I am so happy with the product--- I was thinking maybe there's some good advice re: export while I go get some beer to celebrate !



      ..... I was wondering if you all might have some suggestions for changing my bitrate settings to give me a better quality export....and I will then burn a DVD someday with that exported file.