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    Shared Online should save as well

    Yozef0 Community Member

      We can load the wfx by saving it onlien somewhere... but obviously we can't resave... killing the collaboration part of the product... but great utility and easy to use.


      Hope to see it grow.

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          dwinnie@adobe Community Member

          Thanks -- Great idea...How would you want to post it? Would you need to provide FTP information? Some added information would be helpful.


          Doug Winnie

          Principal Product Manager

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            Yozef0 Community Member

            FTP is one way, so what we're doign is I uploaded the file to my server, which all of us can see, but if one us edits it, it won't update the file on the server, I'm assuming it would require my FTP credientials and location on the server... But it would be great if we could update the file on the fly.


            Not to mention keep track of the changes :s


            Another way, incorporate it part of Adobe Acrobat online (buzzword, Tables etc)..

            Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion

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              I would love to see this thing with an online website installation, and perahps driven by a simple mysql database.  This way we could share the app and have it data driven in the back end.  It's one of those small things that would make this just about as effective tool as any of the bigger software packages.  of course there would be simple authentication to it to differentiate people.


              We use flash remoting to do it all, weborb, amfphp, etc.  and it's a feature we would love to work on if not in the works there at adobe.  I've tried to find simple project management software that does this, works and looks effective, isn't overpriced for what it does or require massive server systems in place to make dynamic.


              love the software, I have been showing it to high school students of mine and how they can use it to organize more than just software, but scheduling, college, etc.

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                Or just have it compatible with acrobat.com.