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    Message missing from alert box & Can you disable everything until user selects an answer?


      Question 1 - My alert box window is working, and the title and buttons function as they should, but does anyone know why my message is not showing up?


      Question 2 - How do you program the alert box window so that no other buttons on your application work until the user selects one of your alert window buttons? I can do this manually by setting everything to enabled = false, but I know this happens automatically every other time I've used the alert window component, but it's not working for me now.


      Question 3 - How can I prevent multiple alert windows from popping up? My alert comes up when a user clicks a button called 'Delete'. Would be solved if I had the answer to question 2.


      var myMess:String = '';
      var myTitle:String = '';


      function confirmDelete(){
          selectedAlt = list_dg.selectedItem.ALT_CODE;
          myMess = "Are you sure you want to delete this ALT code: "+selectedAlt+"?";
          myTitle = "Confirm Delete ALT Code Function                                                    ";
          var alertBox:Object = Alert.show(
          alertBox.setSize(450, 125);

      deleteConfirmHandler = function(evt_obj:Object):Void {   
          var myAnswer = evt_obj.detail;
          // returns 1 if yes, 2 if no.
          if (myAnswer == 1){
          else {   
              altDetail.moveAssign_btn.enabled       = false;
              altDetail.moveAvail_btn.enabled        = false;
              altDetail.avail_list.selectedIndex     = null;
              altDetail.assigned_list.selectedIndex  = null;