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    After Effects to FLV to Sitebuilder

    random robot

      If I export an .aep as a .flv does anyone know how I would generate an HTML to get that into yahoo sitebuilder? Or am I going about it all wrong? I'm not very familiar with flash, thanks for any help you can offer.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Flash video needs to be "embedded" and played via a player SWF. Look for a free Flash video player skin and it usually comes with the proper code which you just need to copy&paste and then modify. then upload the FLV, SWF and any JS files that come with it and it should work.



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            random robot Level 1

            Thanks, I knew nothing of embedding so I looked around and found this:


            <object width ="x" height = "y">

            <param name= "movie" value= "filename.flv">

            <embed src= "filename.flv" width= "x" height= "y">




            Or is this still missing something?

            Like I said I'm still very new to this but I want to learn.

            Something else I need help with is I want visitors to be sent to a different page in my site when the flv video I made in AE is done playing. I've added a layer marker and put in my url I want it to go to but no dice. Is there something more I have to do to make this feature work?