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    How do I do this?


      Example this logo http://www.snapnames.com//images/SnapNamesLogo.gif


      The elements have a "white" outline to them with transparent background.


      I don't know what the "outline" is called, or how I do this in Fireworks when I export the image.


      I hope you know what I am talking about! Sorry for the noob question. I hope you can help.


      Thank you.

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          pixlor Level 4

          You start with an image that has a transparent canvas. You can always change the canvas color from white to transparent by going to

          Modify > Canvas > Canvas Color...


          The text you just set on the image, as usual.


          The red and grey shape doesn't have a white outline, it's just that setting the transparent image on a white page makes it look that way. To make a similar kind of object, you would need four vector objects.


          Here's how you might go about something like your example

          • Start with a red ellipse and a grey ellipse, the same size, and in the same position.
          • The middle cut-out looks like an S in a script font, but it might just be a random shape. If you use a character, make sure to convert to paths and you may need to ungroup.
          • Get your S-shape (or any shape that you want to use to cut out the center) set up the way you want it, then duplicate it.
          • In the layers palette, arrange your objects so you have (top to bottom) S-shape, oval, S-shape, oval.
          • Select the top S-shape and oval, then go to Modify > Combine Paths > Punch
          • Use the sub-select tool (the white-headed arrow) to select and delete the points of the object you don't want, either singly or by drawing a rectangle around multiple points.
          • Hide this first cut object.
          • Select the other S-shape and oval, punch, and delete unwanted points.
          • Show the first cut object.


          And...I think that should get you in the right area.
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            Linus Lim Level 1

            to me it looks like just transparent gif with white matte


            nothing custom to achieve