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    Webcam FLV-recorder with custom quality (without FMS, red5..)

    kkm19 Level 1

      hi everybody,


      I use lib of http://code.google.com/p/flvrecorder/

      how to set quality of recorder to flv?


      I tried to save FLV directly with custom-quality (Idea JPGEncoder).


      Joris from http://labs.boulevart.be/index.php/2008/09/20/make-and-save-an-flv-file/#comment-134312 says It should "JPGEncoder" enabled, but how and where can I enabled for set quality of flv format.


      Because lib of flvrecorder.as has save in RAW (uncompress) only, that is why I dont like uncompress flv.

      1 min takes over 10 MB, that is too large for upload.


      and I change a few script in flvrecorder.as look like and doesnt work with JPGEncoder.


      public function saveFrame(bmpd:BitmapData):void{

      startTime=new Date()


      //writeFrames(bmpd); //I dont wanna to save of RAW.


      var encoder:JPGEncoder=new JPGEncoder()




      private function writeByteFrame(bd:ByteArray):void{



      var fls:FileStream=new FileStream()

      fls.open(tft, FileMode.APPEND);



      please help me, I am looking everywhere for one week.

      google.com + yahoo.com find same result as flvrecorder.as



      2. option:Dont tell/post me about FMS or Flash server....

      I know about red5, I've tried, its work but its effort.

      - red5 install

      - java sdk

      - big bandwidth

      - traffic-limit

      - always needs connection for internet.

      - always cost, never free.

      that's why I need small tool for webcam recorder to flv with custom quality.