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    How to create order of filterPath?


      Hello! I'm a complete newbie to Adobe Flex and coding in general. But I've been tasked with creating a Treemap for work. I can get the Treemap to filter by sector. But I need an overarching filter by team.


      This is my xml coding.


      <project name="Automated Staff Distribution"
                           description="Automated Staff Distribution" team="Priority One" sector="Resources" priority="2"



      My filterPath is set up like this.

        filterPath="{['@sector', '@name']}"


      Whenever I try adding team into it, I lose the sector or the name or both. I have three team categories which should branch into about other categories. Ex., Team=Priority One has four sectors, Team=Priority Two has five sectors, Team=Priority Three has two sectors.


      Please help!


      Thank you!!