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    Performance advantages with Quadro 3700 vs Quadro 1800

    bartemeus Level 1

      I am building a new system for CS5.  What are the performance advantages of a Quadro 3700 orver     Quadro 1800?


      I am assuming both of these cards are compatible with the mercury playback engine.  If I can get away with spending $400. vs spending $800. on the card it would be worth it.

      CS5 was demoed with a 3700 and was extremely fast scrubbing under any conditions.  Any sage advice?   I edit ski movies in HD.  The results are generally 4 to five minutes long.  During the season, I average five to eight a day.   Generally about 20 or thirty clips each, with 50% of those clips having color correction.

      The movies are on MySkiMovies.com...in flash.  They are sold on SD and Blu-ray to those that by the shooting.

      Thank you you guys for great advice.