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    Data Grid like dorimi.net

      I am new to flex and I would like to create a datagrid like http://www.dorimi.net , i.e custom combox or button inside the grid columns. Could anyone help me to do so. Thank you
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          peterent Level 2
          I couldn't see anything on that page, but to add a button as your item renderer you would do:

          <mx:DataGridColumn dataField=" dataField"...>
          <mx:Button label="{data. dataField}" ... />
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            Thomas_Tran Level 1
            Thank you for your reply ,what i would like to archieve is to have a button in the grid column, when you click that button, the video/mp3 player will be toggled on to replace the button. Then when you select the other button of another row , that player will be toggle off and other player from current row will be toggle on. Another question is can it posible to do custom paging for datagrid, e.g. custom navigator button next previous, etc....
            I would appreciated if you could help me to do so.