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    Browser "Back" arrows do not work with Flash buttons.


      Just can't seem to get around this problem...

      I've made several flash buttons for use in my navigation bars. They work great but the "back" arrows on the browser are always grayed out. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of browser I use.

      The site was made in Dreamweaver and the Flash buttons are imbedded within the pages. I posted the same question on the Dreamweaver forum and got some vague answers.


      Is there some code I can put into my Flash buttons?


      If you have an answer please be specific as I'm not an expert.


      The site is fireonmcginnis.com

      or just type "Fire on McGinnis" into a search engine.



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          370H55V Level 4

          Like Nancy O. said when this was asked in the Dreamweaver forum, using Flash buttons is terrible for search engines and for mobile web users. Search engines don't recognize the action scripted links from Flash buttons and therefore will not follow or index your site beyond the first page they hit. Anyone who accesses the page from a mobile phone, Blackberry, or PDA isn't going to even see the navigation buttons, rendering all but the first page they hit absolutely useless.


          On top of that, it was answered in the previous post that all of your links are set to open a new window or tab (_blank). You need to edit the Action Script for your buttons so that they open in the same page as they are on (_self). Otherwise, when the new page opens there IS no previous page for a back arrow to point to. It IS the first page in the history for that tab or window (#1). There is no zero page so the back arrow will be greyed out.

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            grr, sorry about this post, no way to delete the post... was just going to say what mac+win=me said

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              toastieo Level 1

              Thank you for the lengthy response.


              It appears to need I need to add a "(_self)" to my ActionScript code. I don't actually see the "(_blank)" you are referring to but I suffer from male pattern blindness.


              Sounds like I need to trash the Flash. Do you use Spry for Nav buttons?



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                370H55V Level 4

                Spry or regular hyperlinks in a list or nav configuration. Either is better than Flash buttons.


                Thing is, a search bot will read the HTML in those kinds of links (spry or HTML) and index them. That way if you have an event calendar for upcoming shows, or a discography page, it can find them and will be able to make a reference to them in later search engine databases (usually about 72 hours after the indexing). With the Flash buttons there is no code for the bot to find and your upcoming events, or a downloads page if there is one, will never be seen in a search even if people look directly for "fireonmcginnis: schedule", or "music by fireonmcginnis" because to Google, Yahoo, Lycos and the others the pages simply don't exist.


                Spry is great if you have submenus, and since it can be customized using CSS, you can make it match your site layout. You can also do that with regualr hyperlinks and CSS, but spry has a more appealing look to a lot of web users and the submenus are a little harder with basic HTML.


                For the record the script should read: getURL ("http://www.site.com/page.html" "_self"); for the buttons. There'a s drop down to select _self, _blank, _parent etc. when you add the getURL script to the button.



                But... you need to stay away from Flash buttons for navigation or you're really defeating the purpose of putting a band on a website in the first place. It's about exposure and Flash buttons will severely limit that exposure, even if they work properly.

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                  toastieo Level 1

                  Thanks Winmacme, that's really helpful.


                  I wasn't sure where my problem was when I opened this question. Was it a DW or Flash setting I missed? Was it an ActionScript question?


                  You are right about the importance of exposure. Why have cool site when nobody can find you!


                  I'm imspired by the "Dropkick Murphy's" website. Most of the information is right there on the first page. I like the "Keep It Simple -Stupid!" method. Look for a re-design of the Fire on McGinnis page this summer sans Flash buttons!

                  I'll be back with more questions. Thanks.



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                    toastieo Level 1

                    Gosh, I hate to belabor this but, it's still not working.
                    I put the "_self" in as you suggested but I get errors and the button is trying to navigate to a place called "http...""_self"
                    So, something is wrong and I hope it's an easy fix.
                    I enclosed the actual Flash code for my "Home" button. If you can help me tease this out further it would be much appreciated. I'll send good karma your way.
                    The code:


                    homebig_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mouseDownHandler);
                    function mouseDownHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {
                        navigateToURL(new URLRequest ("http://www.fireonmcginnis.com"));


                    I still plan to redo the site but that will take some time. -Toastieo