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    Installing CS5 Upgrade version  in a "clean"machine"

    shooternz Level 6

      * Maybe Adobe guys could chip in on this one please (as well as the early adopters in the same situation). *


      REASON: I just ordered the base hardware of a new system  I7 - 64 bit OS etc.....

      I do not intend to load CS4 into it at all because I want a really clean machine from the get go with CS5 and I do not want to uninstall CS4 from my current system at all.  It needs to keep working while I break in CS5 and the new system.


      QUESTION: I wonder what process will be involved when installing an Upgrade Version of CS5 in a brand new machine that wont have CS4 installed at all. Usually the S/W goes looking for an installed qualifying version.  Because of the move to brand new systems and hardware in this release...I expect many users apart from me, will need to know this.



      This question is a little premature but I am getting prepared and it will be worth knowing at some point..


      We wont see CS5 down here in New Zealand for a little time after the U.S guys get it I suspect on past history. This is not a bad thing actually.