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    A request regarding the Adobe Forums

    DominicV Level 1
      I was just wondering if anybody else finds that these forums make it hard to find previous posts that cover the same topic you are asking and that this generates a lot of duplication (and ok the search facility helps a little)? I was wondering if it would be possible to break the forum down into sub-categories such as databases, webservices etc. based on metadata? If you look at a site like ASP.NET the forums there are really good to find things by category (in fact IMO a site such as ASP.NET is exactly what Flex/AIR needs - I find flex.org a bit lacking). Am I alone in thinking this or do others agree?

      Edit: OK I feel a bit of an idiot now having just seen the 'Adobe user forums update in progress' note that the forums are to be updated... I eagerly await this :-)