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    Instapaper ePub crashes ADE


      I used the epub Download Feature of Instapaper to create an epub file. When I download this file to my computer and double click it to launch ADE the application crashes immediately. If I launch ADE again, the Instapaper file shows with an exclamation mark in the corner. I can't open this file and there are no further information as to why ADE crashed.


      Has anyone encountered this issue and found a solution?


      System: Mac OS X 10.6.3 MacBook Pro Late 2008, Intel

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Is this all instapaper created ePub files, or just a particular one.  I tried a single file from Instapaper and it opened up with no problem.  Most likely either

          a.) This is a problem with ePub generation that instapaper already fixed (they marked this a public beta)

          b.) Or it was a particular article that was badly form XHTML that caused ADE problem (however I agree that ADE shouldn't crash).

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            96dotsperinch Level 1

            Following your suggestion I tried an ePub with different articles and limited myself to those in English language. This ePub worked flawlessly.


            You were right, that my initial attempt included some invalid markup. When I transferred the broken file to my PRS 505 using Calibre the Sony reader reset itself immediately when I selected it.

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              It would be interesting to know the article that caused the crash, or if you don't want to go to the trouble, then getting a copy of the file that caused the crashes.  I'll send you a private message with my email address if you are interested in sending the file along.


              The instapaper folks may be interested as well.

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                96dotsperinch Level 1

                SInce I've since overwritten the crashing file I have to check my Time Machine backup.


                Meanwhile I will try to create a separate ePub from every single article in question to make debugging easier. As soon as I find the article in question I will send it to you.


                Thank you very much for your help!