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    Gateway loop


      Hi all


      I have attached the workflow which  I am developing.


      The steps that has to follow while developing workflow:


      Step1: Initiating

      Step2: it should go to SVR for approval and give notification  to A1 and A2.

      Step3: SVR approves it should go to initiator and notify to A3 and A4.

      Step4: Initiator has Accept and Re-submit.

      ·         If Accept it will do nothing

      ·         If  Re-submit it should go to step 2 and continue from there on.



      i cannot use AND-wait because A1,A2,A3,A4 are acknowledgments only no need to have action for them only SVR and Initiator have to respond in the flow


      please hep me out how i can go through this work flow

      i have attached my work flow below





      waiting forreplyuntitled.JPG

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          You can still use an AND-WAIT even if A1 and A2 are not tasks but just acknowledgements.


          It will go to SVR in the first branch, and in parallel execute the A1 and A2 branches and then wait until SVR is completed before going to the next gateway.


          Am I missing something?



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            SekharDB Level 1

            thank Jasmin for ur reply


            Process should not wait until A1,A2,A3, or A4 acknowledgements, it should

            only check weather the route that i marked in Red in the above post

            completed or not


            if the initiator resubmit it should go back to SVR same time

            give acknowledgements to A1 and A2 again


            if initiator resubmit the loop should repeat and should not wait for all

            the acknowledgements  it should check only wht initiator chosen at the end

            of gate way 1

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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

              I still don't understand why you can't use the Gateway.


              Maybe because I don't understand what you mean by acknowledgments. For me an acknowledgment would be an email, a notification or something like that.


              So let's say we use the gateway with three branches. The firsts branch goes to SVR (and ultimately to another gateway) and the two other ones send acknowledgments, then here how it's going to work:


              The first branch will go to SVR and wait until the user approves the form.


              The second and third branches will send their acknowledgments  and then go to the end of the gateway.


              When SVR completes, then it'll go to the next gateway (still in the first branch) and will do the same thing.


              You could also put you second gateway outside the first gateway. Since it'll wait until SVR completes, then you could just wait until you get the response from SVR before going in the next gateway in your process.


              Alternatively, if it still doesn't make sense to you, you could leverage the Task Complete event, and have a separate process that just send acknowledgments  upon task completion, and not use a gateway at all.


              Anyways, let me know.



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                SekharDB Level 1

                i want to use the gateway only....


                In my case acknowledgments means notification. if second and third

                branches  have

                not even acted the flow should not stop we are just notifying no need

                of their response.

                if SVR replied it should go to INITIATOR no need to wait until second and

                third branches completes.



                in the same case in gateway 2 even if A3, and A4 are not responding the flow

                should not stop.


                because Initiator Re-submitted it should go to gate way1....



                how should i approach it

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                  Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

                  Are you excepting the notifications to come back? I always assumed you would send the notifications and then you're done. That's why in my example A1 and A2 would be completed almost instantly and then would go to the end of the gateway and wait until SVR completes. SVR would be the one that decides when the gateway completes.


                  Is that a valid assumption? Do you want to to have the possibility to wait for a response back from those notifications? How would you send the notifications?



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                    SekharDB Level 1

                    Yes your assumption is correct.....


                    notification should not come back......  but the braches of A1 and A2 will

                    be in running state  until user not click complete button in the form .


                    even the same case with gateway2 ...  i want only the action done by



                    but if we use AND gateway all the branches should be complete right?


                    is there a way that once we send the notification to the user we can we can

                    make the branch status complete even if A1 or A2 dont open the form and

                    click complete.



                    at last end of the gateway1 i should know what the initiator done if he

                    accepts no problem ...

                    if he resubmit it should go to start of the gateway....



                    please let me know how can i approach it.....

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                      Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

                      I get it now!!!!!


                      I didn't realize your A1..A4 were also user steps (tasks). I though the notifications were simply an email sent to a user.


                      I've built something very similar a while ago.


                      The way I had to do it was to leverage the TaskCompleted event.


                      I built a separate process and used the TaskCompleted StartPoint so that it receives all Task Completed events. Then I had a filter to see from which step the event was coming from (for example SVR). If it came from SVR and the action was "Approved", then I called a custom component that would terminate the other tasks within the same gateway.


                      The tricky part was to figure out all tasks within a gateway. I had to do a database call to get the infromaiton, which of course is not a supported. But it worked.



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                        SekharDB Level 1

                        thanks for your suggestion ....  i will try out and update you....

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                          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

                          I just tough of something else.


                          We have this solution accelerator called Manage Review and Approval (MRA). This solution accelerator allows you to do sequential and parallel review and make users optional in a parallel review.


                          You may not need all of its functionality, but you could look at the processes and use them as a starting point.


                          You can find it at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/solution_accelerators.html