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    externalInfoUrl is always empty




      I'm new to FlexPMD. I have just generated my  firsts reports. I have just notice that the attribute externalInfoUrl is always empty.


      <violation  beginline="22" endline="22" begincolumn="0" endcolumn="27"  rule="adobe.ac.pmd.rules.naming.TooShortVariable" ruleset="All Flex  Rules" package="utils.align" class="gridAlignSpaceNumber.as"  externalInfoUrl="" priority="5">This variable name is too short (3  characters minimum, but 1 actually). Detects when a field, local, or  parameter has a very short name</violation>


      I  have 2 basics question :

      - How externalInfoUrl can  be useful ?

      - How I can fill it ?


      Thanks !