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    Timeline Red in MTS files

    zereia Level 1

      I needed your help if possible.
      I have a file recorded on a Sony machine in this format (MST)
      1920x1080 (1.0)
      25 FPS
      4800 - compressed - 5.1
      I use Photoshop CS4, Media Encoder CS4, Premiere CS4, Encore CS4 full updated
      Matrox RTX2 Updated
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 BIT Updated
      Intel (R) Core (TM) i7 CPU 920@2.67 GHz
      An ATI graphics card HD 4870 X2 Redeon,
      With 12 GB of RAM.
      By putting this file in the timeline and using the setting
      Capture Format
      Matrox AVI
      Available Presets
      AVCHD 1080i25 (50i)
      The film gets all red in Timeline needs to Render

      Can we take a solution please.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Try without anything Matrox. You may still have problems with the audio, because of the 5.1 format @ 4.8 KHz. How did you ingest?

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            zereia Level 1

            I have done with capture format
            and master audio tracks in 5.1
            and is red

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              AVCHD can not be captured. Capturing can only be done over firewire with tape based material (DV and HDV). Master audio track 5.1 requires the Surcode plug-in and is for output, not for ingest. If you have 4.2.1, you can ingest 5.1 audio, but it may require demuxing before ingest.

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                zereia Level 1


                because I know and even that the machine does not use tape. MTS files using
                this file to disk and then copied it to the PC.


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                Sem Título.jpg

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Recently someone sent me some AVCHD shots to test with. I tried putting them on the timeline in a correctly chosen sequence and I have to confirm that indeed the red bar is present. However, luckily even at full resolution there is no problem with playback, so it may indicate rendering is required, in fact it is not on my system. Even with numerous effects and transitions, scrubbing fast through the time line happens without hiccups, even with three or four video tracks in use and multi format material in the time line, like AVCHD 1080i 29.97, HDV 1080i 25 and XDCAM-EX 1080i 25.


                  So, while you are correct about the red line, it does not worry me, because I still have real time playback, despite keyframed 3-way CC, Gaussian blur, PIP, opacity, fast color corrector, echo, motion/scale/position effects, etc.


                  Your HDV capture mode confused me, but it was valid info, despite not being relevant here. Compliments on a well documented question.


                  For export, you don't need to render your time line. That is only necessary if you don't have fluid playback during preview. Lots of people never render their time line.


                  Hope this helps to remove your worry.