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    Adobe forms vs flex




      Please can any one explain the advantages between Adobe Forms vs flex. I've to implement website and forced to use any one of the above mentioned technologies to represent UI.


      Appreciate your quick reply.

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          My personal view, having developed both dynamic, interactive PDF forms, as well as complex, multi-screen SWF (Flash/Flex) UIs, would be:


          - PDF forms are a superior solution, if the goal is to replicate a paper form which may include signature verification, and may need preservation of the original layout of the form (e.g., for legally required archival storage). PDF supports verifiable digital signing and the ISO PDF/A archival format.


          - Flash/Flex UIs are a superior solution, if the goal is to create a richly interactive interface from which - ultimately - only the submitted data is important, not the original layout of the form. Flash/Flex supports more form controls, layout choices, and digital interactive "candy" (e.g., video, audio, animation, CSS styling, etc.).


          Key questions I'd ask in deciding between PDF vs. SWF as my tool for creating a data input and display interface include:


          - am I reproducing a form which already exists (PDF), or developing a new user experience (SWF)?

          - should the interface look like a piece of paper (PDF), or something else (SWF)?

          - will I need to preserve a copy of the original form in its original layout (PDF), or just gather and display user data (SWF)?

          - will digital signatures be required (PDF) or not (SWF)?


          A PDF vs. SWF analysis could go deeper than this, but I hope this is helpful.




          Leo Schuman

          Technical Training Specialist

          Adobe Systems

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            AlessioGiorgini Level 1

            I agree with Leo, I would only add the fact that Adobe PDF forms can also be filled in offline.

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              Oregon97203 Level 1

              Yes, offline-fill is definitely a useful PDF feature. At the same time, with AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), a SWF application can run entirely offline and just occasionally synchronize its data when it detects network availiability (as well as create local SQL databases, use the file system, etc.). So, if offline use is a key factor, SWF provides a much broader total offline feature set than PDF.

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                Hi Leo , But if I want to create an app a registration process (let´s say schools data registration)

                , I can use Flex to user exprerience and foms with LiveCycle to data validation ????