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    Problem when I tried to build an FB 4 beta with FB 4 final release

    grispos Level 1


      I 've built a small air application using the flash builder 4 beta and everything works fine so far.

      Today I download and installed the trial final release of the Flash Builder 4 and tried to open and rebuild the project. Unfortunately I got some errors

      Some of them were easy to find out what the problem was

      <mx:Form> became <mx1:Form> as well as <mx:TabBar> became <mx1:TabBar> etc.

      The main problem is in the automatically generated actioscript super class

      I got an error when the class actually starts

      package services.timer { import mx.rpc.AsyncToken; import com.adobe.fiber.core.model_internal; import mx.rpc.AbstractOperation; import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; import mx.rpc.soap.mxml.WebService; import mx.rpc.soap.mxml.Operation; import com.adobe.fiber.services.wrapper.WebServiceWrapper; import mx.rpc.xml.SchemaTypeRegistry;    [ExcludeClass] internal class _Super_Timer extends WebServiceWrapper {

      internal class _Super_Timer extends WebServiceWrapper

      the error is

      1017:The definition of base class WebServiceWrapper was not found

      Just to let you know that the application make calls to cfc components in order to get some data.

      Any idea guys?