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    flex and web service

      I am build a flex 2 and CFML web service application.the function in web service return a struct to flex.I confuse how to parser the CFML struct in actionscript and show the data in flex client.

      Please help me .Thanks

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          gmurnock Level 1
          I'm using RemoteObject call to a function in CFMX7. Returning data is changed from query to an array in CF, array data is faster than query type. Then in Flex, assiging the result to an Array Collection. Bind Array Collection to my DataGrid. Everything works great.
          Another way is to parse it in CF and send out as an XML. That one worked well too.
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            mark416 Level 1
            Hi gmurnock,

            Thank you for your email.

            Can you post a sample code here so it is easy for me to understand.Thanks