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    Adobe 9.3 DDE Errors


      Out of the blue, we started having DDE errors with our adobe 9.x reader & Pro.  It is extreamly random, the one thing that we have consistent is that the admins are the only accounts that will work.  This is where it gets strange, if you log into the system and uncheck the DDE box, and then click ok to save it, reopen it you will find the DDE is back and still trying to run.  I have turned on all the Network DDE services (Nothing) I have run with interactive desktop on the RPC (Nothing)  I have uninstalled adobe, updating from the web site or even pushing the patch (Nothing).  I dont get any error codes in the Logs so I am completely stumped.  We can do a "Run as" command and it works find, but once the user trys to log in we find many adobe services hung and they wont run.  I have looked all over the web finding very little on how to repair this or fix the issue.  Could anyone here help me out.  Thank you  Keith

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          Today I installed the 9.3.2 Patch(Adobe Reader & Adobe Pro), at first it looked like it took care of the problem, but after opening 2 or 3 adobe files adobe would hang in memory.  But this time something odd was also in memory adobeinfo.exe, once I shut down both of these I was again able to open adobe files.  On a couple of the machine I believe this is where you would normally accept/decline the adobe licence, but this was very inconsistant.  So I would just end the hung task in Task Manager and poof the user was again able to open PDFs.  I tried logging into the computer first as a Admin and I wouldent get the adobeinfo.exe poping up, once I logged back in as the user they dident have problems for a couple of times then the application would hang again, once you closed that one adobe.exe file, it would work without issues after that.  Is there a way for me to removed this adobeinfo.exe file from the install or even remove it from the system somewhere.