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    Validating groups of components

    JockMahon Level 1

      I have a validator, its purposeis to check that at least one check box in a group is selected

      my question is can i set the listener to a Group or something so that the red focus ring appears around all the related components


      i can set the listener to one of the check boxes and the red focus ring appears  but when i do it to the group  i don't get the focus ring

      ( the error tip is displayed when the user  mouses over it though)


      <validators:DaysValidator id="daysVal" source="{daysModel}" property="days" listener="{daysGroup}"/>



                      <s:Group id="daysGroup" height="30" width="155"
                              <s:HorizontalLayout gap="6" paddingLeft="2"/>
                          <s:CheckBox id="monCheckBox" skinClass="skins.DaysCheckBoxSkin" label="M"/>
                          <s:CheckBox id="tueCheckBox" skinClass="skins.DaysCheckBoxSkin" label="T"/>
                          <s:CheckBox id="wedCheckBox" skinClass="skins.DaysCheckBoxSkin" label="W"/>
                          <s:CheckBox id="thuCheckBox" skinClass="skins.DaysCheckBoxSkin" label="T"/>
                          <s:CheckBox id="friCheckBox" skinClass="skins.DaysCheckBoxSkin" label="F"/>
                          <s:CheckBox id="satCheckBox" skinClass="skins.DaysCheckBoxSkin" label="S"/>
                          <s:CheckBox id="sunCheckBox" skinClass="skins.DaysCheckBoxSkin" label="S"/>