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    How do I create CSS for editable regions in documents based on templates?


      I have created a template in Dreamweaver CS4 using their 3 column fixed, header and footer layout option. The template works fine in the browser. I have inserted an editable region into the empty middle column of the template. I have created a new page, based on this template, and want to be able to format the text that I imput into the editable region using CSS. Ever time I try to create a new CSS rule I get the following dialogue box:


      "Making this change would require changing code that is locked by a template or a translator. The change will be discarded."


      Is there any way to create new CSS, that will apply to information inputted into the editable regions of a document based on a template? Simple step-by-step instructions would be appreciated.


      thanks for reading

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          osgood_ Level 8

          Not sure what the 'id' of the middle column is but you need to target the text within that <div>.




          #whatever {

          color: #639;

          font-size: 12px;



          It's best if the text in the middle column is in paragraphs and that you target them like as follows:


          #whatever p {

          color: #639;

          font-size: 12px;

          padding: 0 15px 0 15px /* top,right,bottom,left */



          You need to make sure you include the above in the editable css region of the page and IT MUST come after any link to the main css stylesheet.


          If in doubt post the code of the page here and say what you want to be purple and I'll  have a look at it.



          The tip is stop arsing around with the css dialogue box in DW, it's a load of bollocks and start writing some simple css directly within the page itself. It's simpler and gives you greater control than any half baked automated interface.


          Start learning some simple css. There is absolutey zillions of resources on the net. A couple of hours well spent and your be miles further on. If you keep relying on DW to do everything for you then I'm afraid you'll just be going around in circles.


          Get into the code and don't be afraid of it, pick it to pieces and see how it works. Do it slowly step by step and gradually you will realise just how simple the structures are and how simple css really is.