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    Issue with RemoteObject with HTTPS

    karunakar reddy



      I have an issue in my application.


      When i am clicking on my buttton i am loading data into my screen by using remoteobject and BlazeDS. And i am using HTTPS protocols, so that i am using my application endpoint as "https://localhost:7002/quicksilver/messagebroker/amfsecure".


      The issue is when i am click on the same button multiple times before the data loads first request, I am getting the  "HTTP: Status 401" error.


      The complete Error Message is:-



      faultString:'Send failed'

      faultDetail:'Channel.Connect.Failed  error NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Status 401: url:  'https://localhost:7002/quicksilver/messagebroker/amfsecure'


      If i click on the button and waiting for the dataload, after data loads successfully again i click on the same button it is working fine and data loading successfully.



      Backend i am using Java and i am deploying my application in Weblogic Server.


      Any Suggestions?


      Thanks in Advance.


      - Karunakar