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    FORMS problems.   Dreamweaver sucks.


      10 years ago i purchased "MS Frontpage", I was happy with it, everything works
      and you don,t need search for form script all over internet  to do your job.
      Recently, my hosting company told me , they no longer support the  MS front page
      and they recomment DM .  Recently, I purchase Dreamweaver( CS4) , and i build my  site
      but my problem is to build form "THANK YOU" page.
      My question are the following.
      1)- How to build form data entry.  ( I done This- is OK).
      2)- send the form to clients Email  ( I done this, is OK)..
      3)- Send a THANK YOU page to client.  -  This is the problem,
      How to add "thank you page" to client the same time.
      ( why DW , does not put all these functions in one package , without
      letting us to search for scripts to do the job. May be Micromedia /adobe
      want more $$$$$$  for their software ... ).