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    Website works in Explorer and Safari but not Firefox

    zackcole Level 1

      Beginner web designer having issues...




      the above site was created in Dreamweaver CS4.  It is not my full site as I don't want to continue developing it untill I have fixed this problem.  It was made from a premade template in dreamweaver.  It displays fine in ie and safari but not in Firefox.  In the browser preview in dreamweaver it displays fine in all 3 different browsers.


      In Firefox(on the web not in browser preview), images just show as their alternate tags.  The slideshow doesn't show up.  And if I insert a spry menue it just displayes the content with no style.


      As a test when I started I opened a template and saved it(without editing it).  I then created a page from the template and saved it (without editing).  I put it on the web and looked worked fine.  The problem comes when I try to insert content in them or create editable regions.  Again this creates problems

      only in firefox.  Safari and Expolrer are fine. 


      It should also be noted that this site's local folder was droped into the server folder and not linked(as it probably should be)  Also if you go to www.rafaelarchtiects.com you'll see the old home page(in shambles)  The new page is viewed by clicking on the box just below the "profile" button in the lower right corner of the page.  Would any of these acrobats be causing my problem?


      Thanks in advance for any help!