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    Data Execution Prevention problem when trying to close pdf from inside of embeded flash

    S. Alexander



      My test pdf contains just only single flash movie and several hidden fields. Flash movie reads values from hidden pdf fields. So, all business logic is implemented inside of flash and pdf is just the wrapper


      CLOSE pdf functionality is also implemented on flash: when user clicks close  button flash sends command to Acrobat:


      ExternalInterface.call("eval","var tmp = app.setTimeOut('this.closeDoc(true);', 50);");


      Also I selected "Disable when The page containing the content is closed" acrobat flash setting, hoping that flash movie will be automatically stopped before pdf is closed finally.


      Sometimes it works correctly, but most of the time, PDF is closed with Data Execution Prevention error.


      I tested it on 9.3 Acrobat Reader. Windows Vista 32.



      Is there some way to resolve this problem?


      Thanks in advance,