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    TOC and Breadcrumbs




      I am working in RH8 (converted from RH5) and I created 10 new topics under a TOC Book (using same name as the old book).  When I generate the WebHelp output (without selecting the add breadcrumbs links option) the breadcrumbs of the topics in new TOC Book search for a location that does not exist.  For example, the breadcrumb shows  Home > TOC Book Name > Current Topic Name.  When you select TOC Book Name for any of the newly created topics, an error is produced that says you cannot display the webpage.


      However, if I select the add breadcrumbs links option, I get duplicate breadcrumbs in all the topics (not just the new ones) where one breadcrumb works and the other does not.   I would like to keep the working breadcrumbs and remove the duplicate or just get the new topics to work using breadcrumbs and the TOC Book.


      I have attached pictures to support my questions.


      AlajaTOC_Breadcrum.jpgTOC.jpgError Received.jpgBreadcrumbs.jpg