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    JSFL - Refreshing a Textfield within a Movieclip?


      I'm making a script that updates text within several movieclips in a Flash document. Loading object names and new copy from a text file is working, opening those objects and replacing their embedded textfields' text is working, and everything looks great when you publish the SWF.


      However - the IDE only sometimes updates the text that appears in the textfield from the main timeline. So if a title is supposed to say 'New Title' instead of 'Title', it will read as 'Title' when I'm looking at the project from the root level. When I double-click on the symbol instance to view its embedded textfield, it changes to 'New Title'. Then when I return to the root, it reverts to 'Title'. It's only a cosmetic problem, but it makes it appear as though the tool does not work.