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    Disc menu in Premiere Elements 7


      I'm using Elements 7 and I'm trying to use Blossoms in the disc menus in the Wedding category. The Scene page has a default of 6 thumbnails on one Scene page that are fairly close together. I'd like to make it have only three thumbnails and make it have two pages. I can't find anyway to do that. I'd also like to be able to have two lines under the thumbnail and it will only stretch horizontally Any help?



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          You might be able to alter that Menu Set (note: do so with a Copy, so as to not affect the original Library set), to do as you wish. I say "might," as PrE does the authoring semi-automatically.


          One would need to alter the Scene Selection Menu in PS/PSE, eliminating Button Layer Sets and Arranging the remaining ones. There are also location conventions and naming conventions, that must be addressed.


          This ARTICLE will give you some tips on doing similar, and will point out things that you MUST take into consideration. As I use PS, I cannot tell you how PSE might, or might not, be able to do this.


          Good luck,



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            The PRE Disc Menu's cannot be edited in PRE, you have to take them as you find them. They can be edited in Photoshop Elements but that is done at a very low level according to strict guidelines.


            If you really have to use customised menus then Sony DVD Architect Studio gets good reports.


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                   I was afraid of that. I have Sony Vegas and have used DVD Architect. Do I just burn my project, without using the disc menu, to a folder on my computer and then open DVD Architect and get it to use that project file? Can chapter markers be left in??  I wasn't aware that a project made on another program could be used by Architect. Thanks for you help. Lots for me to learn


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                I cannot help here, as I use Adobe Encore for all of my authoring needs.


                Steve Grisetti had written several articles on DVD Architect, and a book on it too. Those are available on the Muvipix site.


                I believe that DVD Architect will need to have the files Exported from PrE as DVD-compliant MPEG-2's, and then Imported into the authoring program. Do not know about any Chapter Markers, but would suspect that those will be lost, though one could obviously add them in DVD Architect.


                Also, I do not believe that DVD Architect will use the PSD Menus/Menu Sets from PrE. I assume that it comes with Library content too, but have no clue how easily those might be customized That is one big reason that I use Encore. I can create and modify my .PSD Menus in Photoshop, bound only by the DVD-specs. Even with those limiting specs., I can create many illusions by using a bit of imagination and maybe dupe Menus.


                Good luck, and do take a look at the DVD Architect articles on Muvipix. Probably will answer most questions.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  As Hunt says, you do pretty much author the DVD from scratch in DVD Architect. But adding scene markers and building menus is a snap!


                  So just use Share/Personal Computer to export a DVD-quality MPEG to your hard drive and use that as your source in DVD Architect. You'll get a great looking DVD!


                  I've created a series of free Basic Training with DVD Architect tutorials for Muvipix.com (as well as having written a book that's also available on the site and at Amazon.com) that should get you started.