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    Most stable version for XP - 2, 4, or 8?

    j.pady Level 1


      I've been away for a few years (since PrE 2.0), but I want to get back into it. I stuck with 2.0 for a long time because it was stable. I purchased 4.0, but never loaded it. I'll be doing a clean install of XP and I'll have the option of loading version 2, 4, or 8 (I wouldn't mind buying it if that's what people recommend).

      I'm not looking for details as much as "gut feelings" from people who have used many versions of PrE. I'll mostly be using it for slideshows (w/ video), so features aren't as important to me as stability.  I understand stability varies highly between systems, but any gut feelings (for an older computer)?

      BTW, I loved 2.0 and I got a lot of great help on this forum. I have a 1.8ghz Core 2 Duo w/ 2GB, ATI card, Win XP.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          While I do not qualify, per the criteria of the question, I can say that I have had great stability with PrE 4 on XP-Pro SP3 on my laptop. Only had one crash, and I attribute that to OE on my part.


          One aside, regarding your SlideShows: take a look at this ARTICLE for some background on using still images in video, and some ways to Scale them in PS/PSE for use in an NLE program.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Version 2 is very nice on XP and, unless you need the hi-def support, is an excellent version to stay with.


            Version 4 is also very nice, with the "new" multi-function Tasks panel and HD support.


            Version 8 has stabilized significantly since the release of the patch last month, but it's still a resource hog that some people still have problems with. (Including yours truly, who can't even get it to capture miniDV without problems.) For AVCHD editing, version 8 is so bulky that almost no one is successfully editing with it.


            In short, unless there are particular features you're after, version 2 is just fine. (In fact, some of us long-term users prefer it because the Properties panel isn't "buried".)

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              j.pady Level 1

              Much thanks for the opinions. Looks like it's between it's between the two  versions I have, and since neither of you said 4.0 was notoriously unstable, I  think I'll try something "new".