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    Will this work for CS5


      I really like the new features in CS5, espcelially the Mercury engine. Not being tied to 3rd party card for realtime playback sounds great. Here's my question and hopefully someone can shed some light. My system currently is:


      Tyan Thunder K8WE S2895 MoBo

      Dual AMD Opteron 265's

      8 gig of ram


      Now if I replace my Quadro FX1700 with one of the certified Quadro's with CUDA, will I be able to efficiently run PPro CS5?


      Also, is there a way to connect up an HD TV to the Quadro card along with my computer monitor to be able to view the Source and Program windows full screen? Or, would I have to monitor using a deck connected via firewire? If thats the case, is there any delay between the S & P windows and what's viewed through the deck?


      I'd rather just have to buy a new graphics card rather than whole system if you know what I mean.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You will profit even more from an i7 or Xeon 56xx system.


          Your Opteron systen is so much slower than an i7 or Xeon 56xx system, in the order of 4-7 times slower, that it may make more sense to get a new system rather than spending your money on an expensive Quadro 3800/4800 card.

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            MA MOHR Level 1



            Thanks for the info. I knew I would be probably pushing it with the Opterons I have (they are over 5 yrs old) but I wasn't sure what kind of boost I could get with the newer processors. 4 - 7 times slower Ouch! You mentioned the new i7's but I was wondering which is better the new AMD Opterons or the i7's? I can get a dual six core Opterons for the price of a single i7.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Look here: http://ppbm4.com and judge for yourself. You can do the benchmark test yourself to see where your system stands, but my guess is your score will be around 220-250 seconds. You can send the results to me by private mail as well as to Bill.


              AMD's are way slower than Intels for video editing.

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                MA MOHR Level 1

                WOW, you nailed my score almost perfectly... 238. This will give me some good justification for a new system. I see what you mean by the i7's kicking some serious butt. The one thing I didn't see on the list we Opteron 2400's. I'd be interested in your thoughts regrading a system with a pair of these in it and how well it would stack up against a single 6 core i7 system. I'm going to contact my vendor and see if thy'll run the benchmark and provide the scores.


                Thanks again for your input.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  The only area where I know that AMD beats Intel is in a comparison between the Intel Xeon 7500 series and the AMD 8000 series in quad socket CPU servers. In workstations I have not yet seen any test results where AMD performed equally or better than Intel.


                  For the PPBM benchmark we depend on result submissions from people like you and me to fill a database with relevant data. The more data we have, the more reliable and the more informative all these results become. Unfortunately we don't have any data on the hexacore AMD CPU's, because no one has submitted results yet, so I can't even guess how it would fare against the i7 or other Intel CPU's.


                  CPU is one aspect, but as you can see from the results, the four top performers with scores below 40 seconds, all have multi-disk raids to help them achieve these results.


                  The PC is as weak as its weakest link. You can use the Windows Experience Index to see where your weakest link is. For me it is my boot disk:



                  but if I test my array it turns in a 7.9 score and my video card is the weakest link.