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    TCS 2 on Windows 7 - "Licensing for this product has stopped working"


      I just spent the last 6 days (since 4/8) with Adobe Technical Support. I have a Dell Latitude 630 Laptop running Windows 7 32-bit. For no reason at all (as is usually the case), RH8 crashed after I ran  spell check. Unfortunately, unlike all the other times, it would not restart. The error message box I kept getting (and 4 says later am still getting) is "Licensing for this product has stopped working". The only thing I've learned from this 4-day ordeal is that no one at Adobe Technical Support knows how to do anything but uninstall and reinstall this product. And, for some reason, Adobe has released this software fully aware that it will not completely uninstall using Windows 7's uninstaller - You must also then run both the Windows Uninstaller Cleaner (after downloading & installing it) and their own CS3 Uninstaller Cleaner.


      After doing that twice (completely uininstalling and reinstalling), and waiting for 1) the first tech to open a case - it took him 4 days; and 2) the "top level" of support to contact me - that took 2 more days. After telling me how to completely uninstall the suite (yep, that's her fix, too), she has just advised me that the SW won't run because my computer is on a Domain. Yes, my company requires that all of our computers be connected to our Domain. What company doesn't?What is also interesting is that none of my co-workers, who are also running Windows 7, have had this problem. How many of you are successfully using TCS2 on Windows 7 32-bit AND are on a Domain? I'll bet that there are a lot of you out there. Congratulations to you all for still being able to do so! I envy you.


      THE FIX: (And this is from Adobe's top level of support, or so I was told.) I've been told that I must create a Local User Account on my laptop that has Admin privileges but is NOT on a Domain, and install the TCS2 software onto that account. This will fix my problem. Interestingly, the first tech had me log onto his Adobe software that allowed him to see my desktop. Didn't he see that I was on a Domain? Or maybe he just isn't privy to this information because he's not high up enough.


      I hope that this information keeps at least 1 other person from having to go thru 6 (or less or more) days of repeating your problem to countless Adobe techs who all tell you to do the exact, same thing. And, of course, hearing each one apologize for "the inconvenience" and being "so sorry you are experiencing difficulties".


      Here a thought - Don't release your software until it works.

      Here's another thought - Don't claim that your software works on a platform until it actually does. As my co-worker Ed says, "Got an Issue? Get a tissue!"