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    Change movie size when using loadMovie

      I'm pulling in an external SWF (Flash Paper), replacing an existing MC. The MC dimensions are 600x300; however, the Flash Paper SWF is 450x700. Since Flash Paper only creates an SWF, is there a way I can pass credentials in loadMovie to change the size of the Flash Paper SWF? Right now, I've got

      loadMovie('newsletter/newsletter.swf', 'newsBox');

      Can anything be added in there to dynamically change the size? Thanks!
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          SymTsb Level 2
          this is a limitation of loadMovie. However, if you are using Flash 8 or CS3 AS2, you have access to a class called MovieClipLoader which does have the ability to provide you such functionality since you can actually fire off an event to resize after the external swf is loaded.
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            Rylz Level 1
            OK, after reading through what MovieClipLoader can do, how would I structure the code to resize the MC? Please advise/elaborate as I don't know what to put in the { } :

            MovieClipLoader.loadMovie('newsletter.swf', 'newsBox');
            MovieClipLoader.onLoadInit = function('newsBox'){