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    Opening PDF files in MS Word?


      My computer tries to open PDF downloaded files using Microsoft Word.

      What setting do I have to change to cut off opening in Word?

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          370H55V Level 4

          1. Right click the PDF.

          2. Choose Properties.

          3. Next to Open with, click Change.

          4. Select Adobe Reader from the list.

          5. Click OK.

          6. If it can be checked, click Always use this application to open file of this type.

          7. Click Apply and OK.


          PDFs should now open with Adobe Reader.

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            If you open PDF files in MS word, you would find that all the element are messed up, you could not read them before reformatting them in word. You need to use Adobe Reader to open PDF files. If you want to edit contents in PDF directly, Adobe Acrobat would help you. After all, you could not directly open PDF files in MS Word, but you can conver PDF files to MS Word using free PDF to Word Converter. It up to your requirements.

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              pwillener Level 8

              The original poster does not want to open PDF files in Word, nor convert them to Word documents.  Your post does not answer the OP's question at all.

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                rogerkttty Level 1

                Sometimes the case is the system default open PDF files with wrong program such as Ms Word, therefore simply change the “open with” settings to specify a permanent or temporary program to open it in correct program, to PDF, Adobe reader is the right one, you need to install it in advance.


                But maybe someone are not familiar with PDF files and treat them as editable documents like word, then to <link removed> is what they manage to do. I guess most reasons to do so is that they assume that PDF files can be edited. In that case, conversion can be implemented.


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                  Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                  The opening question was answered in message #1.