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    Watch Folders


      I have installed Premiere Elements and wanted to use the Organizer.  I wanted to specify a watch folder, but whenever I click on File -> Watch Folders... I get an error: The Watch Folder Service is Unavailable.  I have even gone and reinstalled the software and that didn't seem to help.  I am running Adobe Premiere Elements 8 on Windows 7 64bit.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it working?  I would rather use this than manually adding videos.



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          Barb__O Level 4

          The Watch Folders function of the Organizer requires an operating system service of Adobe Active File Monitor.


          And your symptom of Watched Folder Service is Unavailable possibly indicates that this service is not running.


          In Vista, I use the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services 

          to check the status of the Adobe Active File Monitor and verify that it is Started and running..

          I suspect that the method to check would be similar in W7.


          Now there are also some specific considerations if the folders that you are watching are on a network drive - see



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            twistymcgee Level 1

            I do not have the Adobe Active File Monitor service.  This is after originally installed it and then uninstalled it and reinstalled it.  Still the service does not appear.  I am not using a network drive, just a local drive.

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              Barb__O Level 4

              If you do not have the Adobe Active File Monitor Service installed, that that would seem to be an installation problem.



              gives a number of suggestions for installation problems but I did not see anything mentioned specifically about the Adobe Active File Monitor Service.


              Did you have any error messages during the installation?


              Do you only have Premiere Elements 8 installed ? Or do you also have Photoshop Elements 8 installed ? If both, which did you install first ?

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                twistymcgee Level 1

                The installation did not indicate any errors at all.  It reported everything installed fine.  I only have Adobe Premiere Elements 8 installed.

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                  Barb__O Level 4

                  Do you have any service in that list identified (by name) as being from Adobe ?

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                    twistymcgee Level 1

                    I don't actually see any services from Adobe.  That was the first thing I looked for and couldn't find anything.

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                      Barb__O Level 4

                      any forum participants reading this thread


                      If you have Premiere Elements 8 and do NOT have Photoshop Elements 8 installed and especially if you are running on Windows 7 64 bit, please check if  this Adobe Active File Monitor service is installed on your system ?




                      -- I suggest that you post instructions for W 7 on how to check that Services list -

                      just in case someone who has the desired configuration is not familiar with that process.


                      -- Also suggest that you review the Adobe tech document I referenced earlier in the thread - just in case it has naything that might be relevant.

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                        twistymcgee Level 1

                        To check services in Windows 7:


                        1. Click the Start button.
                        2. From the Start menu, choose Control Panel.
                        3. From the Control Panel home page, choose the System And Maintenance option.
                        4. On the System And Maintenance page, click Administrative Tools.
                        5. From the Administrative Tools page, double-click on the Services option.
                        6. If prompted by User Access Control to verify that opening the Services Control Panel applet is allowed, click the Continue button.
                        7. You should now be at the Services Control Panel applet.
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                          twistymcgee Level 1

                          Does anyone have any other suggestions about this issue?  I really have no clue what to try next.  It seems like the program is not installing properly if that service is missing, but I have no idea how to fix it.

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Do I have this correct...you only have Premiere Elements 8 (no Photoshop Elements 8) and want to use a Watch Folder feature in the program, and your operating system is Window 7 64 bit? And, you are not finding Adobe Active File Monitor V8 in the Service List under Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services to get the feature functioning??


                            I have Windows XP Professional, SP3.


                            Without Photoshop Elements 8, it is a no go according to my observations. You can open Premiere Elements 8, go to the Elements Organizer (via Organizer Tab in the row below the Organize (Blue) Tab) and there to the File Menu/Watch Folders. But you are going to get a "The Watch Folder Service is Unavailable" message. And, when you go to the Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services, there is no Adobe Active File Monitor V8.


                            Today I had to do a complete and clean uninstall reinstall of my Photoshop Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8 to resolve an Organizer would not open issue. I reinstalled Premiere Elements 8 first and found what I described above with no Adobe File Monitor V8 in the Services List. Next, after I installed Photoshop Elements 8, the Adobe File Monitor V8 appeared in the Service List.


                            Even before all the uninstalling/reinstalling, I suspected Photoshop Elements was force that placed that Adobe File Monitor in the Service List. On my computer I have Photoshop Elements 6 Premiere Elements 4, Photoshop Elements 7 Premiere Elements 7, and Photoshop Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8 installed. When I went to the Service List before all this uninstalling reinstalling I found there:

                            Adobe File Monitor V6

                            Adobe File Monitor V7

                            Adobe File Monitor V8

                            The key here is that Photoshop Elements 6 is integrated with Premiere Elements 4, and the Service List said Adobe File Monitor 6, not Adobe File Monitor 4 or 6 and 4. With the others, both partners have the same number, that is 7 and 7 as well as 8 and 8. Bottom line, all this suggests to me that regardless of operating system, the presence of the Adobe File Monitor depends on the presence of Adobe Photoshop Elements. What do you think?



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                              nealeh Level 5

                              I note you are running PRE8 on W7-64 bit. I am running PRE7 on W7-64 bit and do not have an Active File Monitor service. Instead I have the service "PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe*32 (you only see the service if you select the "Show processes from all users" check box).


                              There is no "Watch Folders" option in PRE7 and, seeing the service is explicitly named for PSE, I expect this is by design.


                              I wonder if the Organizer feature in the PSE8 trial expires after 30 days? You could install the trial version of PSE8 to see if the watch folder functionality continues beyond the trial period


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                                twistymcgee Level 1

                                It looks like you guys may be right.  The file watcher service might be a photoshop feature and not a premiere feature, though I'm not sure why you would sell to products separately if they were designed to work this closely with each other.  I may try the photoshop trial and see how I get along with that.  For now it's not really a big deal.  I can just manually find the movies, but seems like something was overlooked with this.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                  I'm not sure why you would sell two products separately if they were designed to work this closely with each other.


                                  Adobe has most often sold their products as stand-alones, or bundled together. Going back to CS2 Production Studio, you got PrPro, Encore, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge, plus On-location. Then, all but On-location and Bridge could also be purchased individually. What one lacked, however, was Adobe Dynamic Link between some of these programs. Only the suite offered that, even if you owned each individual program, there was no Adobe Dynamic Link.


                                  Some users already own Photoshop, so PrE is still a viable editing app. Same for users with PrPro, who do not need the full PS, PSElements fits their needs. Still, it is usually easier to find PrE/PSE bundles. Just checking out the specs. on one on the Adobe Store, I had to dig to find just the single app., and all pop-ups touted the bundle.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    twistymcgee Level 1

                                    I see what you mean.  I didn't see the bundles.  The only bundle I saw was for Premiere Elements and Premiere Elements Plus.  I have no desire to purchase Photoshop Elements.  I don't do any photo editing so I would be buying it solely for the watch folders feature, which seems expensive for just that purpose.  I'll get along without it for now.


                                    Thanks for the info.

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                                      I have the same problem. However, I do see a started adobe active file monitor

                                      V6 in the service monitor, but when in Adobe Elements Organizer version 8.0 it still doesn't allow me to use the watched folder function.

                                      Any ideas?

                                      I am running Windows 7 64 bit....

                                      So, far Adobe Elements has not been a pleasant experience....

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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7

                                        Do you have Photoshop Elements 8.0 and Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 installed on this same computer?


                                        DId you read the posts in this thread? Did you see my comments (post 10) on this matter?


                                        It would appear that you need to see "Adobe Active File MonitorV8" in that Service list and you do not probably because you do not have Photoshop Elements 8.0 installed on this computer with Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1.


                                        My guess is that you may have Photoshop Elements 6.0 and Premiere Elements 8.0 installed on the same computer. If that scenario is correct, then the "Adobe Active File MonitorV6" relates to Photoshop Elements 6.0 and will not relate to Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1.


                                        Please re-read this whole thread and see if you come to that conclusion. Without further information, I am offering the above speculations on what you have on your computer.



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                                          PieterHelly Level 1
                                          Yes, you're absolutely right. I run Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 (with the associated file monitor). So if I understand it correctly, I have to upgrade to Photoshop Elements 8 to resolve the issue? I am not happy with this as I still manually change the extensions of my videos from .mts to .m2ts in order to get a thumbnail in the organizer (that works now). But it would be great if the changed file names would automatically be picked up by Adobe elements. Now I have to import the renamed files again...
                                          Thanks, Pieter
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                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                            It might be a good idea to download and install the free 30 day Photoshop Elements 8.0 tryout from Adobe to see if you can now get that v8 file in Services and have the Watch Folder working with the set from Premiere Elements 8.0.. After that, then you can decide if it is worth the time and money to purchase Photoshop Elements 8.0.


                                            An interesting side note...I do not know if you are a Photoshop Elements slideshow person who takes that slideshow to Premiere Elements for burn to disc DVD. Before the Photoshop Elements 8.0 and Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 you had to have a specific combo to use the integrated route Send to Premiere Elements and have available the "Break Apart Adobe Photoshop Elements Slideshow" command in Premiere Elements (either Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements 5.0/3.0, 6.0/4.0, 7.0/7.0. But for some strange reason, 5.0/8.0, 6.0/8.0, 7.0/8.0 as well as 8.0/8.0 works for this combo perk.


                                            So, if Watch Folder were not an issue for you, I do not see any immediate need for you to upgrade to Photoshop Elements 8.0 to match your already upgrade to Premiere Elements 8.0.


                                            In spite of what you might see in Adobe read me and from other sources, this change in the combo perk has been confirmed by whomever actually tried it. I was fortunate enough to have the following installed on my computer all at the same time to prove it to myself and others:


                                            Photoshop Elements 6.0/Premiere Elements 4.0

                                            Photoshop Elements 7.0/Premiere Elements 7.0

                                            Photoshop Elements 8.0/Premiere Elements 8.0



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                                              I have Elements and Premiere 8 running on XP.


                                              I had the same problem but this seems to have worked for me.


                                              This is what I did:

                                              1. Control Panel
                                              2. Administrative Tools
                                              3. Component Services
                                              4. Services (Local)
                                              5. Adobe Active File Monitor V8
                                              6. Right Click Properties
                                              7. Startup type - Change to "Automatic."
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                                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                Thank you for reporting what worked for you, but I would question your premise "I had the same problem but this seems to have worked for me." And, from what you wrote, it sounded like you felt that changing Adobe Active File Monitor V8 Startup Type from Manual to Automatic did the job for you.


                                                First, your setup may have had the same symptom, that being that your Premiere Elements 8.0.1 Watch Folder feature was not working, but you did not have the same problem since you had both Photoshop Elements 8.0 and Premiere Elements 8.0 installed whereas the person starting this thread had only Premiere Elements. In your case, you had Photoshop Elements which appears to be necessary for the appearance of the Adobe Active File Monitor V8 in Services; the person starting this thread had only Premiere Elements, so no Adobe Active File Monitor V8 at all to activate in Services.


                                                With regard to the Adobe Active File Monitor V8, I have found consistently that it will function as advertised whether the Startup Type is Manual or Automatic. The key is whether the Service Status is Start or Stopped. I would suggest to you that your Service Status may have been "Stopped" and, in your process of changing the Startup Type from Manual to Automatic, you also changed the Service Status from Stopped to Start.


                                                If you have this Watch Folder feature working for you via the Elements Organizer 8.0 (accessed from Photoshop Elements 8.0 or Premiere Elements 8.0) fine. But you might want to reconsider the dynamics of how you got this feature working for you.



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                                                  jrwills45 Level 1

                                                  Okay, so I mispoke. I should have said "I had a sorta', kinda', somewhat similar problem" and "this is what seemed to work for me, although since I'm relatively ignorant maybe that wasn't it, could have been something else entirely."


                                                  I did not offer this suggestion — actually it wasn't even a suggestion at all, simply an account of what I did — as a cure-all for everyone in every situation. I just thought that perhaps someone else would be interested.


                                                  I obviously am not as knowledgeable (1,017 posts - most impressive) nor eloquent as you are and therefore I needed to be corrected.


                                                  Thanks for caring enough to share your insight.


                                                  Oh, BTW it is "wills" with just one "i" — but don't worry, it's a common error.


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                                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                    We all come here to learrn and to share. We all do both whether we have 1 to 100,000+ posts and or threads here. Many come from cultures with different languages. But we all try to communicate. And, we try to discuss the matters at hand so as not to confuse the original issues but to clarify and elaborate on them if possible.


                                                    You were generous with you time to share the details of what worked for you. You are to be commended for coming forward. But when I see someone possibily missing the point of a discussion, then I step forward, not to correct, but to offer my point of view and ask him/her to reconsider his/her point of view so that if the same problem comes up again he/she might be better able to get to the core of it. That was my intent and that is what I thought that I did.


                                                    I hope that we are OK on this. Sorry for my tying error on your name in my original post to you. I would Edit the previous post accordingly, but this system will not let me go back and do that.



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                                                      jrwills45 Level 1


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                                                        PieterHelly Level 1

                                                        Thanks jrwillis and AT,


                                                        JR and AT, you both have helped me out a lot. As I dowloaded Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 trial version (per AT's suggestion), I now have both adobe photoshop elements 8 and premiere elements 8 on my machine. And yes jr, your solution did the trick and watched folders is working.
                                                        Still having the thumbnail issue (solved by manually changing .mts to .m2ts).
                                                        That's the status. Still very cumbersome...
                                                        Thanks to you both!
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                                                          My watch folders did not work either.  Running XP and went the Run, MSCONFIG and Services.  The Adobe Active File Monitor was unchecked. I checked and restarted and now  Watch Folder Services is working.

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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                            Good to hear, and thank you for reporting.


                                                            Good luck,