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    Adobe Support Disaster

      Hi folks,

      I attempted to get phone support for Flexbuilder 2 this morning, to fix the problem I've logged here in this forum called "Debug and Run buttons on Flexbuilder IDE don't work". I spent 45 minutes on the phone, talked to EIGHT people, all of whom asked for name, phone number and customer number. Person #3 told me I could get phone support on FB2 for $39/incident. Person #8 told me per-incident support is not available for FB2. Person #3 also told me I could buy a gold or platinum contract, but it would take a couple of weeks for the California office to "approval my application for support". Guy #5 kept asking me if my serial number was "registered", so I asked him (since I don't know) "what does registration mean?". 3rd time round he hung up on me and transfered me to #4.

      I'm involved in an enterprise development project, and the broken debugger is a critical problem for me. I don't have two weeks to wait around for some pompous approval process to be completed. In fact, I've been in this game for 25 years, worked on many, many platforms, and never once run into such a rediculous process.

      So if anyone has suggestions on how to get immediate support for FB2, please pass them along - if, of course, Adobe doesn't delete this somewhat unflattering post. I'll have a hard time recommending flex/fb2 for enterprise development next time around if I can't get this cured.

      And if anyone knows how to cure my debugger woes, I would be greatful for suggestions.